Jan Früchtl UX Designer at FastBill.

Jan Früchtl

I'm a Designer currently based in Frankfurt am Main who designs digital experiences. I love the open web, design systems and asking questions.

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A little bit about myself

My name is Jan Früchtl and I'm currently based in Frankfurt am Main. I am employed as a UX designer for FastBill where I am working on building the best bookkeeping and invoicing SaaS product with a focus on freelancers and small companies. Besides that, I'm also doing some freelance work for different clients and strive to work on various side projects with my friends.

I have a deep passion for the web, prototyping, component-based design systems and love to dig deep into processes. Alongside my daily work as a designer, I also like to dabble in code.

In my opinion, my job doesn't end with the "export button," and I love to implement designs myself if I can support the overall product goals. That's one reason why I feel designing and coding should go hand-in-hand.


You can get a sneak peek here at some projects I've worked on over the past years. The range goes from simple marketing websites over web applications to mobile applications running on operating systems like Android or iOS.

Contact & Elsewhere

This website doesn't have to be between you and me. You can also find me on other popular platforms like Twitter, Dribble, GitHub, Instagram, or simply write me a friendly e-mail - crazy, right?

So, feel free to hit me up if you want to talk about design, web, project ideas, or any other stuff that comes to mind. I'm happy to talk to you or help in any way I can.