Bliss Design System v0.x

2019-2021 · Designer & Developer · BRYTER

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Bliss Design System - Iconsets

2021 · Product Designer · BRYTER

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BRYTER Services

2020 · Product Designer · BRYTER

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Advance VAT Return

2018 · Product Designer · FastBill

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Motus Warehouse

2016-2018 · Designer & Developer · REICHHART

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Selected Projects


An iOS application I'm currently working on which aims to help people organize their TV show consume. Besides that, this was also the perfect gateway to get into iOS development with Swift and SwiftUI.


A fortnightly German podcast focused on productivity and self-improvement in the digital space. I run this podcast together with my good friend Arne.


A monthly German podcast with a group of friends that originated during our university times. It's focused on general tech and our experiences as designers & developers.

Open Source


The code that powers this little website.

sprachnachrichten / sprachnachrichten.fm

The code that is powering the website for the Sprachnachrichten podcast. While the backend is running on WordPress, this website was built with 11ty as a shared project with Arne.

usephoton / photon-11ty

A fast and straightforward way to publish your photos with 11ty.


The website where I'm using photon-11ty myself to publish some photography.


The landingpage for my iOS application CouchTimes.