Weeknotes #1

With this post, I want to start something new. A weekly series that reflects on the things I’ve learned, read or generally found interesting throughout the past week. This idea isn’t novel, lots of people are doing something like this in all kinds of different formats. While I wanted to avoid starting a separate newsletter for this (RSS feeds are still wonderful), I’ve decided to use my default writing environment for this project. Let’s go…

…this first issue starts with CW 20, 2021.


  • Better in black: Rethinking our most important buttons — Interesting insights into the improvements Spotify is introducing around their user interface buttons. Better contrast and legibility will improve overall accessibility and user-friendliness. I can relate to the struggles around green and vividly remember similar discussions.
  • Apple previews powerful software updates designed for people with disabilities — Lots of new accessibility features coming to Apple platforms. AssistiveTouch for Apple Watch was one of the highlights for me. Great to see more and more innovation in this space.
  • A interesting Twitter thread by Barton Smith around designing for Android
  • A better segmented control — Interesting summary about the approaches of Lyft's Design Systems team around segmented controls. Including a nice component deprecation trick for Figma component libraries. 😍



  • Analog from Ugmonk popped into my timeline again. This time I didn’t ignore it, but took a close look. While I find it very intriguing, it is pricey and knowing me, I only would use it for roughly a month anyway. Nevertheless, I can’t stop thinking about it.


  • Watched the first season of Trying.
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